about adventure theater venice

What we do:

Adventure Theater Venice is developed since 2015 by Fare La Storia cultural association.

We invite our audience to a smart detour from the standard itineraies for a thrilling overview of our arts and history.

Adventure Theater is the first theatrical experience in Venice to join not as spectator, but as a protagonist of a story really happened.

Our experiences are all supported by professional actors, aimed to get the people out from the   crowd of the main tourist circuit for an amazing walk and a different overview of our Country.

Discover Italy’s less known treasures with us!

our shows


Venice, 1617.
The Spanish diplomat Alfonso de la Cueva is conspiring against the Dodge to overset the Republic.
Let get involved by the smart courtesan, the unlucky pirate and the viscid friar in the plan.
Join the gang of conspirators!
The destiny of Venice is in your hands, will you secceed in the plot?

Veronica Franco

Meet Venice’s most famous Courtesan!
She is on a very special mission: save her life.
Escort the poor girl and discover with her the secret corners of Venice and Its legends.
Get an amazing walk across the city!