Detour in Venice

Tourist activities in Venice, detouring from standard itineraries

Adventure theater offers a great option for an unusual sightseeing of the city.

Explore the hidden treasures of Venice and learn Its less known stories, take your part in a story really happened during the age of the Serenissima to get a very special overview of this magical city.

Take your part in a deep theatrical experience on the majestic stage of Venice: get out from behind the crowd now!  

Venice 1618,

The Spanish diplomat Alfonso de la Cueva, Marquis of Bedmar, is planning to overset Venice Republic.

A small gang of conspirators is making sure that the plan of attack is ready.

The drunkard pirate, a viscid friar and the smart courtesan need your help, join them for an amazing walk across Venice sestiere of Cannaregio.

The show starts in Venice Ghetto and involves a 2 kms walk across calles and fondamenta reaching Madonna dell’Orto, Campo dei Mori and Tintoretto’s, with a special overview of St Micheal and Burano islands from Venice.

Make yourself a present! This a smart solution for those travellers looking for detours from standard tourist itineraries.

Adventure Theater shows are available every day only with a reservation.

Click here to contact us and book now your adventure in Venice!

Show details:

Title: Conspiracy

Length: 75-90 mins

Lenguage: Ita\Eng

Prices: click here

Ideal for families groups of minimum 4 ppl, maximum 15




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