About Adventure Theater Venice

Adventure Theater Venice is one project of the Cultural Association Fare La Storia.

Adventure Theater is the first traveling show in Italy that allows you to discover the city of Venice along with its stories and legends, just a step outside the busiest tourist areas.

We interpret the artistic heritage of the city in an experience guided by professional actors, outside, traversing the beautiful Venetian streets, uncovering some of the lesser known treasures of the city, but we are not tour guides!

We have created this activity keeping in mind those who are looking for an original way to visit Venice, those who want to be able to appreciate the magical atmosphere and its beauty even away from the main touristy areas, and of course, have fun.

Interpretation of heritage refers to all of the ways of communicating information or explanations about the nature, origin or history of a place; our means of communication is live entertainment.

We work exclusively with professional actors in creating a strong involvement with the public, using stories in which reality and fiction are intertwined, arousing curiosity and the desire for discovery by those come along for the journey.

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