Adventure Theater prices


34.00€ Regular ticket
29.00€ Discounted ticket*
*Price reserved for groups of minimum 3 persons

Special offer**:

Happy birthday Adventure Theater!

Untill the end of November 2019 Adventure Theater will be available at the special price of

€28.00 : Adult regular ticket

€19.00 Family discount (minimum 3 persons)

**available exclusively online

Please consider that shows reservations may close about 12 hours before the scheduled departure.

You can also purchase your tickets here:

Tronchetto (Venezia Unica ticket office)
Piazzale Roma (front Calatrava Bridge)
Piazzale Roma (Venezia Unica ticket office)
Train Station S.Lucia (Venezia Unica ticket office front railway n. 2)
Rialto (Imbacadero ferry line n. 2)
San Marco (Venezia Unica ticket office next to Correr museum)
Lido Santa Maria Elisabetta (Imbarcadero)
Accademia (Imbarcadero)
Mestre Piazzale Cialdini / Via Lazzari 32
AREOPORTO Marco Polo (Venezia Unica ticket office arrival terminal)
Dolo via Mazzini 108
Sottomarina viale Europa 2/c.