Palio della Marciliana: medieval re-enacting of Chioggia’s battle

The Palio of Marciliana in Chioggia, is the historical re-enactment of Chioggia’s battle against Genova’s troops that invaded the city.

Every year in Chioggia takes place Marciliana Palio, that transforms the city into a medieval village.

Groups of passionates in traditional period costumes, restore in the city an authentic medieval atmosphere with merchants, pilgrims, jokers, taverns, traditional dances and fights to show an history really happened in the XIV century.

A bit of history about Palio della Marciliana

Chioggia is a small fishermen town in the south of Venice lagoon. Built on a strip of land between the sea and the lagoon, also known as “little Venice” because of Its canals and bridges.

During the 14th century Chioggia reached Its peak thanks to the salt trade.

Coming from the mines near the city, the salt was widely used for the food conservation. For this reason, the main appointments in the city’s life were in August and September: when the salt was ripe and ready to be sold, and trade and celebrations gave life to to the salt fairs. This events involved the whole citizenship and were dedicated to the Virgin.

Surely this conditions: Chioggia’s strategic position in the lagoon, and the fair keeping busy the city, made possible for Venice’s biggest rival to excalate what initially was just a strong trade rivality into a real war.

So It was, that in August 1379 Genova’s troops assaulted the little city of Chioggia and occupied It after 10 days of siege.

After almost one year fighting, Venice set the city of Chioggia free under the comand of Doge Andrea Contarini who triumphaly entered the town followed by his troops and the glorious corp of the crossbowmen.

The Crossbowmen are still very popular in Chioggia; this team every year joins the Italian championship of crossbow shooting.

Marciliana 2019

The event of Marciliana Palio 2019 in the city of Chioggia is scheduled for the days 14 15 and 16 of June.

Re-enacting will start on June 14 at 9.30 PM,with the crossbowmen’s oath.

June 15 from 10AM to 12.30 and from 5 PM till night: Medieval life in the city; the incursion of Genova’s troops in the city is scheduled at 9.30 PM

June 16: from 10AM to 12.30 and from 5 PM till night: Medieval life in the city; the crossbowmen palio is scheduled at 6 PM

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How to reach Marciliana’s event

If you are in Venice, you can reach Chioggia by ferry, line 11, or bus, line 80E .

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