Campo San Stae – Challenging Bernini

Campo San Stae – San Stae square

Campo San Stae owes its name to Sant Eustacchio church, which occupies the majority of it’s space pressing on the left the ancient Tiraoro and Battioro School that goes almost unnoticed for the statues which animate the facade of the church attracting the attention of visitors.

The church has very ancient origins and there are very few testimonies about its structure before Doge Alvise Mocenigo commissioned reconstruction at his own expense in the early 1700s.

The sculptures that populate the San Stae front, have been branded by several art critics as an awkward attempt to emulate Bernini, whose works in Rome had caused general amazement.

Next to the church, slightly back and almost as a “piece of furniture”, it’s located the Tiraoro and Battioro School; expression of Venetian Rococò. Uncertain is the name of the architect to who attribute the church building, some assert it’s Giangiacomo Gaspari. The Battioro’s art is very old: gold, due to its ductility, could be worked in very thin wires to be inserted in silk textiles or as ornament for paintings and sculptures.