What to do for Halloween in Venice

Events scheduled for halloween in Venice are a good reason to visit the city in the month of October.


This article will be updated soon with the events scheduled for 2019 halloween in Venice



If you are planning to spend your Halloween in Venice here is a list of the main events which you can join this October 2018:

From October 31st to November 4th, Adventure Theater’s shows are scheduled in english languge every afternoon; click here to check the availability and book your adventure in Venice.


  • Palazzina Grassi:

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Venice at night

Venice at night empties itself of the thousands of tourists who visit it during the day, revealing its most fascinating side.

There is little transport available in order to reach Venice at night, meaning that it is almost exclusively left to those who have the opportunity to be able to stay and sleep in the city, to take advantage of its most magical atmosphere.

What to do in Venice at night?

After the main attractions close at between 6pm and 7pm, before dinner, is the best time to enjoy an aperitif in one of the many typical bars of Venice (bacari).

The area of Pescherie di Rialto, or Fondamenta della Misericordia in the Cannaregio district, will offer you a wide choice and these are the ideal places to find a restaurant when you are ready to have dinner.

Venice at sunset offers the best conditions to venture out and discover its lesser-known corners, and its fascinating legends. Watch the video below!

Among the activities that you can take part in before dinner, Adventure Theater accompanies its spectators on an exciting walk through the evocative backdrop of Venice, in the company of professional actors you can discover the most authentic side of the city and have fun. Click here to learn more about our shows!


What to do in Venice at night, after dinner?

Venice at night is a very quiet city, but depending on the period that you visit, you can find different events to participate in.

The Hilton hotel at the Mulino Stucky on the Giudecca island, has a roof terrace that stays open every night until one o’clock: an elegant bar with music and a splendid view of the city. A place where you can meet people from all over the world who are visiting Venice.

The Bauer hotel offers a rich program of jazz concerts, such as the Laguna Libre club in Fondamenta Cannaregio.

During the summer there are many events such as the Redentore in July, and the Film Festival in September, which takes Venice into a festive atmosphere with a lot of different things to take part in; many of these are often held on a boat, so you’ll need to book your ticket in advance!

For club-goers, the Venice Lido Pachuka and Aurora beach clubs regularly organize beach parties until late at night, otherwise at the Lido di Jesolo the nightclubs Vanilla Club, the Muretto and Marina Club are a favourite destination of lovers of clubbing in Italy.

Like summer, winter has its main events for livening up the city: New Year’s Eve and carnival are the most important events during the winter season and during this time Venice will offer you a rich variety of things to do; also in this case they are very often private events, so you will need to book in advance to secure your entry.

Check out Palazzina Grassi events schedule .

The only nightclub in Venice open in winter is Piccolo Mondo, in the Accademia area, but for those who want to stay late at night, the mainland offers several alternatives including Mestre: Area-City and Molo5, or Dolo with the club MioClub.

Something to know before visiting Venice Arsenale

The crown jewel of Serenissima Republic: Venice Arsenale

Venice Arsenale is a big area of Castello’s Sestiere where, super skilled workers produced the ships that made Venice navy and trade power that great.

Within the year 1100, marine craft were produced by small shipyards scattered between the islands of Venice lagoon and called “Squero”. They could produce those boats needed to cross the lagoon and no more.

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Things to do in Venice with your partner

Things to do in Venice with your partner avoiding clichés

It is easy for couples travelling around Venice to discover its less romantic side, but you only need to plan your trip with attention if you want to get the best from it!

Are you a traveller or a tourist?

Gondola rides, visiting St.Mark’s Basilica and a Canal Grande boat tour are just a sample of those “must-do” activities for couples in Venice, and surely all them are worth your time if you are here once in your life.

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