What to do in Venice: how to decide It

Before planning your trip, check out this short guide to find out what to do in Venice during the period you’re visiting

It is very important to work out what to do in Venice before you decide to visit the city, if you only have a short amount of time and don’t want to risk having to deal with the long queues of tourists that gather around the main attractions every day .

If you decided to visit Venice for just one day, take a look at the itinerary that we have designed for you: click here.

If you have more time available and are thinking about what to do in Venice remember that:

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Something to know before visiting Venice Arsenale

The crown jewel of Serenissima Republic: Venice Arsenale

Venice Arsenale is a big area of Castello’s Sestiere where, super skilled workers produced the ships that made Venice navy and trade power that great.

Within the year 1100, marine craft were produced by small shipyards scattered between the islands of Venice lagoon and called “Squero”. They could produce those boats needed to cross the lagoon and no more.

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