San Simeon Piccolo – the unexplored crypt

San Simeon Piccolo still keeps Its secrets

The church of San Simeon Piccolo in Venice welcomes visitors coming out from the train station, on the other side of Grand Canal.

Commissioned to make Venice “back-door” richer, the architect Scalfarotto found inspiration by Roman’s Pantheon temple and at the end of 1700 renewed this church as we can see it today.

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Palazzo Ducale – The Dodge palace

Palazzo Ducale has been projected to impress Its guests

Center of political power and residence of the Doge, Palazzo Ducale is symbol of Venice magnificence; this building housed and seduced important political figures, and is the result of a long process of restructuring, necessary to modernize and restore it after riots and fires that have hit over the centuries.

The choice of the Doge Partecipazio to place the
Palazzo Ducale on the island of Rivoalto in 812, it’s due to security reasons: the island was very different in those days and could better defend the structure than others.

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One day in Venice: best itinerary out of the crowd

Are you planning to spend one day in Venice during your Italian trip?

Get ready for an amazing walk across one of the most fascinating city in the world!

If you are going to spend no more than one day in Venice, consider to reach the city by train. Train is the best solution to save time and money.

Once you reach Venezia Santa Lucia don’t get stressed by the large ammount of tourist from all over the world. We will set you free from the crowd.

Outside the train station  on the other side of the canal you will see the church of San Simeon Piccolo. Leave it as last thing to see before take your train back. Spending one day in Venice, you will need to ride 2 or three ferries.

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Punta della Dogana – Venice ancient customs

Punta della Dogana – Venice ancient customs

The Punta della Dogana or Dogana de Mar, is located on Dorsoduro sestiere extremity, next after the church of Salute. This once marshy area, was reclaimed and fortified in the fourteenth century to become the main hub of goods coming to Venice by sea. The old customhouse in Castello sestiere was obsolete as the trade traffic from the East increased. The Dogana de Mar was planned to split out landing, check and storage operations according to goods origin. The palace isn’t one of the richest in Venice, but it offers some interesting features as the weathervane system placed on the roof where two atlases support a large sphere on which the goddess Fortuna shows the wind direction. One of the lion head carved on the outer walls, turns to Palazzo Ducale as reverence, could you find it?

Beaches near Venice

Beaches near Venice are a good wayout from the crowd of the city!

A good reason to plan your trip between May and September is about enjoying those beaches near Venice area and chill yourself, tanning and swimming in the Adriatic sea.

Every year crowds of tourists from all over the world reach, during summer, Lido di Venezia, Jesolo and Cavallino.

Discover the charmy island of Lido di Venezia, which protects Venice from the sea; go camping in Cavallino enjoying Its wild nature, or join the chic parties at Lido di Jesolo.

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