Madonna della Salute

Madonna della Salute – the end of pestilence

Since the middle of 1600, the Church of Madonna della Salute, represent Venice’s relief from the plague.

It’s believed that pestilence killed 80,000 people on Venetian islands, and over 600,000 in the mainland. The impotence to react against extermination of the population pushed the Republic Senate to address their prays to Saints, for divine intercession with the commitment to dedicate a temple to Madonna della Salute if the city had survived. Among the 11 projects submitted to the Republic Senate in 1630, found greater consensus the Longhena one. 

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Marciana National Library

Marciana national library hosts Venice memory

The Marciana national Library is one of the richest in Italy and certainly the most important of Venice.

The archive’s catalog consists of priceless works from legacies and donations since the middle of 1300, and collects a huge amount of publications reflecting the cultural fervor that fueled the debate and research in the Venetian borders. “That government, accused of silence one of his political dogmas, allowed that should take place in all its fullness the popular literary form that collects daily chatter fugitive and keen observation, and educates the mind of the lower classes ” Besides the Marciana Library, in Venice were known many other libraries: some private as Tiepolo’s and Contarini’s, others preserved within cloister as San Giorgio and San Michele in Murano.

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Venice lido

Like a real fence, the island of Venice Lido protects Venice and Its lagoon ecosystem from the waves of Adriatic Sea.

Commonly considered as the beach of Venice, in this island the golden sand shares the space with a rich pinewood in Alberoni’s area.

Beaches access is free, but some areas are privately managed and offer sun beds, beach umbrella, showers and the bar service.

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Beaches near Venice

Beaches near Venice are a good wayout from the crowd of the city!

A good reason to plan your trip between May and September is about enjoying those beaches near Venice area and chill yourself, tanning and swimming in the Adriatic sea.

Every year crowds of tourists from all over the world reach, during summer, Lido di Venezia, Jesolo and Cavallino.

Discover the charmy island of Lido di Venezia, which protects Venice from the sea; go camping in Cavallino enjoying Its wild nature, or join the chic parties at Lido di Jesolo.

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Torre dell’Orologio – Venice Clock tower

Venice Clock Tower – la torre dell’Orologio

Designed by Antonio Lombardo at the end of 1400, the Clock Tower is divided into three orders: the first housing the clock with the zodiacal constellations that stand out on the blue dial, the second where it’s depicted the Virgin and Child, and the third with the winged lion. From the terrace on the top of the building, bronzes beat the bell at the stroke of every hour.