Marciana National Library

Marciana national library hosts Venice memory

The Marciana national Library is one of the richest in Italy and certainly the most important of Venice.

The archive’s catalog consists of priceless works from legacies and donations since the middle of 1300, and collects a huge amount of publications reflecting the cultural fervor that fueled the debate and research in the Venetian borders. “That government, accused of silence one of his political dogmas, allowed that should take place in all its fullness the popular literary form that collects daily chatter fugitive and keen observation, and educates the mind of the lower classes ” Besides the Marciana Library, in Venice were known many other libraries: some private as Tiepolo’s and Contarini’s, others preserved within cloister as San Giorgio and San Michele in Murano.

Positioned in Piazzetta San Marco, opposite to Palazzo Ducale, Marciana Library was built by Jacopo Sansovino, who was sent in the Republic prisons for the collapse of a ceiling designed by him. Paintings and sculptures that succeed one after the other in the halls and lobbies of the Library, communicate the feeling of solemnity and the influence that the Venetian culture has practiced for many centuries on the rest of the known world.