San Zaccaria is probably the eldest church in Venice

San Zaccaria is in a quite area of Sestiere Castello, next to San Marco.

Church of San Zaccaria is one of the eldest in Venice; some attribute It to S.Magno who ordered to build It on the island of Ombriola in the VII century.

At that time, the island was a simple field of overgrown grass as many others in the lagoon, but after receiving the body of Saint Zachary as gift from emperor Leone V, the Dodge Angelo Partecipazio and Giustiniano took it as chance to transform the building in a complex comprehending a convent of Benedectine sisters.
The establishment construction ended in the first hal of 800 A.C. under Dodge Orso Partecipazio, and needed a strong restore work after being hit by the terrible fire of 1105 that destroyed most of the city.

As much as acclaimed, commons in Venice were gossips about San Zaccaria’s nuns: Pope Benedict III on the run from the anti-pope Anastasio, found resort by the sisters. In change of their help, Benedict sent as gift many holy relics to make their church name great; neither the Dodge could resist on visiting San Zaccaria’s relics every 13th of September. This recurrent celebration gave the chance to the Barbolana’s party to kill the Dodge Tradonico in front of the church.
The convent was far enough to be that stern place to require the Patriarch intervention in 1514.
It was definitively closed on the first of 1800.

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