Venice Lagoon

Venice lagoon belongs to northern Adriatic sea and hosts more than 100 little islands in a water-mirror of 500 squared kilometers.
Part of these little islands, linked by bridges, compose the city of Venice.

As a fence, the lagoon protected for centuries Venice so well from foreign armies land attacks to be considered “Homeland’s holy wall”.

Since the laying of Venice first brick, the population worked steadily to transform that insalubrious swamp into what we can see today: a jewel of architecture and one of the most brilliant results of human intelligence. For this reason, human intervention to keep Venice lagoon healthy and accessible for trade from the sea, requested many drainages and the change the course of the rivers flowing in It.

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Campo San Stae – Challenging Bernini

Campo San Stae – San Stae square

Campo San Stae owes its name to Sant Eustacchio church, which occupies the majority of it’s space pressing on the left the ancient Tiraoro and Battioro School that goes almost unnoticed for the statues which animate the facade of the church attracting the attention of visitors.

The church has very ancient origins and there are very few testimonies about its structure before Doge Alvise Mocenigo commissioned reconstruction at his own expense in the early 1700s.

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Tourist activities in Venice to sneak out of the crowd

Tourist activities in Venice mainly concerns visits inside the churches, palaces and the islands of the lagoon.

You could be tired of standard turist activities in Venice and feel yourself tempted to sneak out of the crowd of the main itineraries with a smart detour.

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San Simeon Piccolo – the unexplored crypt

San Simeon Piccolo still keeps Its secrets

The church of San Simeon Piccolo in Venice welcomes visitors coming out from the train station, on the other side of Grand Canal.

Commissioned to make Venice “back-door” richer, the architect Scalfarotto found inspiration by Roman’s Pantheon temple and at the end of 1700 renewed this church as we can see it today.

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Palazzo Ducale – The Dodge palace

Palazzo Ducale has been projected to impress Its guests

Center of political power and residence of the Doge, Palazzo Ducale is symbol of Venice magnificence; this building housed and seduced important political figures, and is the result of a long process of restructuring, necessary to modernize and restore it after riots and fires that have hit over the centuries.

The choice of the Doge Partecipazio to place the
Palazzo Ducale on the island of Rivoalto in 812, it’s due to security reasons: the island was very different in those days and could better defend the structure than others.

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