Venice Lagoon

Venice lagoon belongs to northern Adriatic sea and hosts more than 100 little islands in a water-mirror of 500 squared kilometers.
Part of these little islands, linked by bridges, compose the city of Venice.

As a fence, the lagoon protected for centuries Venice so well from foreign armies land attacks to be considered “Homeland’s holy wall”.

Since the laying of Venice first brick, the population worked steadily to transform that insalubrious swamp into what we can see today: a jewel of architecture and one of the most brilliant results of human intelligence. For this reason, human intervention to keep Venice lagoon healthy and accessible for trade from the sea, requested many drainages and the change the course of the rivers flowing in It.

Difficulties about life on the islands are testified from many historians chronicles that tell about the disappearance of many of them swallowed by the lagoon. A famous example comes from the island of Ammiana, considered safe enough to bury three Dodges, but totally destroyed from the water.

Today the rivers Brenta and Marzenego mix their waters with Adriatic’s salt creating a delicate ecosystem in an incredibly suggestive landscape.

Tracking, by bike or boat, Venice lagoon from spring until autumn has a strong appeal on nature-lovers, passionate photographers who want to join a few hours of relax outside the chaos of Venice.