Things to do in Venice with your partner

Things to do in Venice with your partner avoiding clichés

It is easy for couples travelling around Venice to discover its less romantic side, but you only need to plan your trip with attention if you want to get the best from it!

Are you a traveller or a tourist?

Gondola rides, visiting St.Mark’s Basilica and a Canal Grande boat tour are just a sample of those “must-do” activities for couples in Venice, and surely all them are worth your time if you are here once in your life.

Just don’t be surprised when you have to wait a long time for a vacant Gondola, or in the queue to visit one of the most beautiful churches in the world: all the people in that queue probably read the same guide as you!

When in Venice with your partner, give your trip a touch of authenticity.

Join a fun activity, liven your trip up with a truly genuine experience and explore Venice’s secret spots.

Outdoor theater, on the majestic stage of the city of Venice: Adventure Theater productions take you away from the crowd of standard tourist itineraries, for an immersive tour of the city through the sestiere of Cannaregio with professional actors.

Make a small detour, be part of a story that really happened and learn Venice’s lesser known legends and facts.

Explore its secret spots and allow the actors to involve you in a deep theatrical experience for amazing memories of your journey.

Bring back Venice’s ultimate souvenir with you!